Green Fleets

If you are in the process of converting your vehicle fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), trust Eagle Power Authority to help you implement the optimal CNG fueling solution while servicing your existing fleet with diesel or bio-diesel. We provide fleet fueling services to some of the largest fleet operators in the U.S.

Green Buildings

Buildings, like trucks, consume a lot of energy and money. Trust Eagle Power Authority to supply you power and natural gas, reduce inefficient consumption with performance-based energy services, and reduce utility costs by producing your own onsite power.

Green Future

Eagle Power Authority believes we all have a role to play in preserving the environment for our kids' generation. Our mission is to enable companies to save money, assert their independence from the Big Energy companies, do the smart things enviornmentally.

Total BTU Services

Eagle Power Authority enables our customers to buy and manage their energy wherever it's needed. For many companies, this means energy for their fixed assets (buildings) as well as mobile assets (transport fleets). Our teams have the experience and tools to deliver green solutions across these energy-using operations to optimize budgets, control risks, and achieve sustainability. 

Become a Channel Partner

Eagle Power Authority invites you to join our Channel Partner program. Channel Partners are certified to represent Eagle Power's electricity, natural gas, motor fuels, energy efficiency and Distributed Energy solutions.


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