Green Fleets

Eagle Power Authority supplies commercial fleet owners with onsite and stationary fleet fueling solutions through its affiliated company Atlantic Coast Energy Group (ACE Fleet Fueling). We are among the most respected fleet fueling companies in the New York tristate area, and the only provider of onsite CNG fleet fueling services.


Trucking fleets are enjoying a renaissance in technology innovation. Local and regional truck fleet owners are converting to natural gas as the lowest-cost, cleanest and most reliable motor fuel: Compressed Natural gas (CNG). Pipelines deliver abundant, domestic natural gas to filling stations that compress the gas into CNG, an ideal motor fuel.


In the aftermath of October 2012 Superstorm Sandy, New York City region fleet operators experienced the enduring trauma of scarce or vanished motor fuel availability. Unfortunately, diesel fuel supplies are subject to disruptions from extreme weather events, supply chain interruptions and crude oil market turmoil. Thankfully, domestic natural gas supplies are insulated from such risks.


Price is another advantage CNG enjoys over diesel. When low crude oil prices bring welcome reductions in diesel prices -- such as continues to be the case in 2015 -- CNG prices are still lower than cheap diesel.


Large fleet owners understand these dynamics and are methodically replacing aging diesel fleets with CNG for near-term cost savings and long-term reliability.


CNG On-Site Fleet Fueling

Eagle Power / ACE Fleet Fueling deliver CNG fuel to CNG trucks on company lots, 24 hours a day.


CNG Filling Stations

Eagle Power / ACE Fleet Fueling are working with development partners to bring full-service CNG and diesel fueling stations to the densest trucking market in the United States: Hunts Point, Bronx NY. Thanks to three colossal wholesale food distribution centers, well over 30,000 truck rolls per day grace Hunts Point trucking routes. Along these routes, Eagle Power is developing fueling stations that, in 2016, will provide sorely needed CNG fueling infrastructure to service the fast-growing market demand for CNG motor fuel, as well as EV charging stations and conventional fuels.


Contact: Robert Venuti