Energy Supply

Eagle Power Authority supplies renewable and conventional electricity and natural gas to businesses and institutional clients in New York and the Mid-Atlantic region. In addition, we supply onsite diesel and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fleet fueling services through our fleet services affiliate, Atlantic Coast Energy (ACE).


Electricity and Natural Gas

We do what is best for our clients by customizing the procurement strategy to each customer. Whereas our competitors only sell electricity or gas, or they simply broker contracts for other companies, we are different. We supply the energy three ways:

  • supply it directly
  • broker it
  • enable the client to procure it at wholesale prices

This trifecta approach gives us the flexibility to procure supply at the optimal terms, wherever it may be. If Eagle can supply the best contract price, we act as provider. If one of our supplier partners can offer a superior deal, we manage the procurement process and negotiate terms on behalf of the client. And if the client account portfolio is sufficiently large, we can bring them to the wholesale market and act as their

With Eagle Power Authority, our clients know we do whatever it takes to protect them from risks and uncertainty. Our mission is to optimize our client's energy resource portfolio.

Fleet Fueling

Through our sister company Atlantic Coast Energy Group (ACE), we supply around-the-clock, onsite fleet fueling services to some of the largest truck fleet operators in the Mid-Atlantic region.

As the trucking industry makes the transition from diesel to cleaner burning alternative fuels, we are right there with our clients paving the way. Eagle Power and ACE are working in tandem to provide overnight CNG fleet fueling to clients in the New York area who are transitioning their fleets to CNG. ACE has one of the only mobile CNG fueling rigs in the region.

In addition, Eagle Power is working with clients to develop, own and operate an urgently needed CNG fueling station along a dense trucking route in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx, home to the country's largest wholesale food distribution center.