About Us

Our Purpose

Eagle Power Authority helps companies to purchase, reduce, produce and profit from their energy use. Our energy solutions improve productivity, profitability and green sustainability. This benefits our clients, investors and the communities we serve.


Total BTU Services

Every day, Eagle Power Authority helps companies access cost-saving, sustainable energy solutions and services. We do this for a company's buildings as well as their transport fleets. We call this dual approach Total Btu Services.

Through our Total Btu Services platform, Eagle Power Authority enables commercial enterprises to manage their energy usage like a resource portfolio: 

Purchase: We supply or help purchase the electricity, natural gas, diesel fuel and CNG you need to power your buildings and vehicles.

Reduce: We help to curtail unnecessary energy expenditures through energy efficiency solutions.

Produce: We develop solar, combined heat and power, and battery storage systems for large enterprises who can save money and improve operations by generating or storing power onsite. 

Profit: We enable customers to generate new income by shaving peak demand when the power grid needs customers to provide some relief.

Today's businesses need the expertise to do all these things well in order to maximize profits and avoid risk.

Eagle Power Authority has the expertise and capabilities to guide clients on how best to optimize their energy resources as a portfolio.

Why is this our mission? Because Eagle Power Authority believes the ongoing transition to a post-carbon energy economy is inevitable. For commercial enterprises in our home state of New York, an expanding roster of incentives and market reforms are stimulating the attractiveness of green alternative motor fuels, distributed energy resources like solar and combined heat and power, and advanced demand-side management.

These new customer solutions are increasingly cost-competitive with retail utility rates, affording companies an opportunity to shave energy budgets and increase profits. Green energy project financing is now available to make investing in these energy solutions cash flow positive from day one.